Monday, 18 February 2008

Relaxing in technicolor with good fortune birds

When I am relaxing with my eyes shut, the insides of my eyelids are washed with colours that float and change shape, and as I watch this display I become more relaxed. When doing this and listening to Vivaldi Glorias being sung there was a wash of bright turquoise with a network of purple, and when the male chorus was singing there were shots of maroon as well. I must try this with other music to see what happens.
Today I was thinking, with my eyes shut, and could see a wash of lavender and Potters pink. I wondered what would happen if I prodded my solar plexus, and when I did, everything turned lime green and turquiose. What does it all mean? There is probably a life time of research here.
Getting back to more practical matters, here is a picture I painted recently called Birds of Good Fortune.

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