Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Vet visit and vitamins

We phoned the vet, and managed to get an appointment at 10.45am for Salty. We put him in his carrying cage and drove off to Borehamwood, and the vet. Poor Salty had been meowing frantically all the way, and was not cheered up by the fact that the waiting room was full of dogs.

After a while we saw the vet who cleaned up the abscess, she thought that there was no foreign body stuck in him, but gave some antibiotics to clear it up. Should it reoccur he will have to have it cut out. We drove back home again relieved that he may now be cured, but Salty was panicking again until he exhausted himself. When we got home he rubbed his face on the carpet and slept for hours where he lay.

When Salty woke up it was apparent that he felt much better again, and ate huge amounts of food, but first I gave him his antibiotic pill which he thinks is a big treat. Afterwards he went out and was rushing about the garden playing.

I had been feeling very tired and my hands and feet had begun to burn at nights again, so I increased the vitamin B6 pills to the amount I had taken previously. Almost immediately I began to feel better.

Today I woke up feeling much more energetic and enthusiastic. Mas spent the morning working, and I cut the grass and did more gardening. The bees and wasps are enjoying the ivy which is in flower at the moment.

We went swimming, but at a later time than usual so the roads were jammed up with people collecting children from school. Luckily it was not too crowded in the pool. Mas was watching a lady swimmer who was very fast and said sadly that his legs were not worth a toot, so I suggested some Jane Fonda leg exercises in the pool, which we did together, me monitoring him strictly. Afterwards Mas said that nothing worked now!

Hibiscus are flowering still in the conservatory.

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