Saturday, 26 September 2009

A day to remember

I woke up feeling a great lack of energy, and although I had been given tickets to watch a radio play being made at the BBC I thought I had better have a restful day instead. As it happened Glen called round for a few hours,and we had tea and biscuits and chatted in the conservatory.

We went to Stanmore for shopping and to go to the bank, this done we had a quiet day.

This morning I made some banana bread and an apple crumble, in the dish that Monika had left at our house previously filled with apple crumble for us . We had arranged to go over to Monika and Oktay's house as Jana came to stay with them last night. Monika phoned to say that Oktay would come over to pick us up as they did not trust us, and did not want us to travel to them via Manchester because each time we have visited we have always get lost! Despite protests from us, Oktay came round with Milan to take us over to their house in Cheshunt. I sat in the back with Milan and he chatted busily all the way back to his house.

Once indoors there was lots of talking, so much to catch up on, and Monika had prepared a huge and elaborate Turkish meal for us. The children were contentedly playing while we ate and talked, another unforgettable meal. We had a really lovely afternoon with them,but eventually it was time to return home again. Oktay took us back home, leaving Monika to calm down the overtired children, and Jana came with us too. Luckily Salty turned up on cue, and was duly admired by Jana, and we also had some time to catch up on a bit more talk while Mason and Oktay chatted about films and various websites.

We eventually waved goodbye to them, and Salty was outside too, so I gathered him up to take him indoors. At that moment Poppy and Ben arrived home, and Poppy told us that Salty had been sitting outside our gate meowing and would not be consoled on the night that we went to the cinema which seems rather sad.

It had been a really nice day.

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