Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Year's Day in Hertfordshire, in spite of misdirection

Today, we set off for Monika and Oktay's house, just before lunchtime. I was feeling apprehensive as we always get lost, but Mas was feeling very confident as we had a google map print out. After driving for what seemed hours, and asking for directions at two different pubs, by accident we came upon the right road, and arrived at our destination, shaken but not stirred.
Everything was bright and cheerful, and little Radovan was dressed in a Father Christmas suit.
Milan was explaining things in his biology book!
Monika made a really nice meal and for the main course had roasted, cooked, barley together with mushrooms, chicken and onions and served with yogurt and pickled gherkins. (I got the recipe from her later). We had a lovely day with them all. Little Milan, at one time, was playing cards with Oktay, and talking his own made up language, and saying "pampoosh" expressively from time to time. This seems a very useful word to me, and I think I will adopt it too!
Later than intended, Mas and I tore ourselves away, taking lots of tasty pastries, sandwiches and yogurt with us. Oktay, unconvinced that we would find our way home, drove ahead of us, crossing many roundabouts on the way, until we reached the M25 roundabout. We waved
Oktay goodbye, and immediately shot off, taking the wrong exit, which Oktay saw.
Driving in unpredictable directions for a long time, we eventually surfaced in Radlett, and thankfully drove a familiar way home. When we pulled up, Mas said what hairy journeys we had made today! We received a warm welcome from Salty, and after some time Oktay phoned to see if we had made it home, or had gone to Bristol instead!

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