Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Decorative paw prints and day out

On Tuesday Mas had to go for physiotherapy for his arm again, so I took the opportunity to try and vacuum off the muddy and also sooty paw prints that are tastefully decorating our oatmeal coloured carpet, cushions and white windowsills. Salty has ventured up the chimney a few times, luckily not while the fire is alight!

I talked to Pete who saw Carl off on the train; fortunately he is feeling a little better. Pete on the other hand is not feeling very well, and decided not to come up to London tomorrow.

Today we went up to St. Albans and met Tania and Robert in the Waterend Barn, and had lunch with them and caught up on their news before finishing our shopping and going home. Tania had knitted one of her hats for Mas, and one for Pete as well.

Later I spoke to Toby who has been having health check ups, and will have to have some dental treatment. Mas and I watched Pie in the Sky and The Bill which had an interesting story this time.

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