Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The East in Elstree and heroic train driver.

Yesterday morning I decided to go into hospital for the blood test that they would need tomorrow, so saving time. This was done, giving me a chance to get in more walking, and I got home around lunchtime. To break the monotony Mas and I went to Elstree, to an oriental restaurant called The East. The restaurant was very pleasant, and we resolved to visit again, when the weather is nice, as there was a lovely view overlooking rolling field, and a terrace to eat out on in the summer.

I was evacuated to Elstree during the war as a young child, and when there I always wonder which house I stayed in at the time, but cannot remember.

In the evening we watched a Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett; he was such an interesting actor to watch.

Today we got up early, and I went off to hospital as planned, but did have to have a further blood test. I will not have to visit hospital again until the end of April, when I will have another scan. I walked up to Hampstead, and caught the tube home. Just outside Edgware the train stopped, and we were told that there had been a signal failure. The train driver kept us informed, and was talking to us the whole time. After half an hour we were told the train would be reversed, and we would go back to Burnt Oak station. We were all moved up to the carriage nearest to the driver, and we set off with him driving extremely slowly and tooting the whistle every three seconds. When we arrived and got out we thanked the driver for his care, and we all got a bus back to Edgware.

Mas in the meantime had gone to have physiotherapy on his arm and shoulder. I spoke to Florence, and she told me one of her friends went to change a light bulb before Christmas, and had used a ladder. The light bulb she put in popped, and she fell off the ladder breaking an arm and a leg! She is still in hospital. Ladders always seem so dangerous.

Mas found the physio very helpful, and will go back in two weeks, but has exercises to do until then.

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