Friday, 30 January 2009

A fishy tale and cold comfort

Thursday was bright and sunny, so we went to Borehamwood for shopping, and also had fish and chips in our usual cafe. We asked if they had a box, so that our cat could have our left over fish skins, and they said that if some fish had been cooked that was not served for half an hour they do not give it to a customer, but we could have it for the cat, and not pay anything for it! I expect we will go there more often for lunch.

Later I went for a walk and when I got back Florence phoned and chatted for a while. In the evening it was unusually peaceful as the cat was in the garden, eventually we went out to call him and hearing his plaintive reply we found he was shut in our shed. He was overjoyed when he was released.

Mas had to go off to the dentist's this morning, so I spent time teaching the cat how to go through the cat door with the flap down as the weather forecast says it will get very cold. With some trickery using his laser light toy I got him used to the cat door being closed.

When Mas came back we went to Stanmore for a few essentials, and the weather became really cold. I spoke to Diane, and discovered that she has had the 'flu', but was on the mend.

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