Sunday, 11 January 2009

Garden work and Legal Eagles

Today Mas and I went into the garden with Salty. It was cold and bright, Mas was sawing cut off branches and I swept leaves and cleared away all kinds of debris for about an hour. In the meantime Salty climbed five trees several times; he still finds it difficult to climb down the trees, and once I saw him peering down from a tree with his mouth in a comical '0' shape, and he had, at one point, to be rescued from a shed roof.

Later I walked down to Edgware, as fast as I could, for exercise, bought Mas a fleece sweater in a sale and a TV guide, and walked home again. Mas, meanwhile, was putting up a new washing line for me. I need not have bothered with the TV guide as there was nothing on that interested us, so we watched an old video with Robert Redford in it called Legal Eagles which was entertaining.

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Vicky said...

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