Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Birthday with Mas, Pete and Salty

Pete came up to see us yesterday, and we sat about chatting and catching up, and generally relaxing as Pete was feeling under the weather with a cold. Mas made a nice meal, and for the rest of the day we lurked about cheerfully, Pete playing with Salty from time to time too.

Today is my birthday and Pete gave me Olivier Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time. Maheena called round with a present, and I gave her one for Varun as it is his birthday too.
Mas, Pete and I went to The Man in the Moon for lunch. It was so nice to have a glass of red wine that tasted of red wine, and things seeming normal again. After this we got a little shopping which included a cat collar.

When we were home Pete and I listened to my new CD, and when he and Mas went off to watch something on the TV, I made some banana bread. Later Mas made a nice meal, and we watched a Battlestar Gallactica, and put in some more earnest relaxing.

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