Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Knee deep in the North Sea with Barra Brieth and presents

On Monday morning the postman delivered a beautiful book that Diane had sent. Mas spent time on the computer and eventually fixed the problem. The next day was raining and dreary, and Mas had a bad back ache all day, and rested it a lot. In the evening ,after washing up I listened to Late Junction which is a radio programme I really like as it features world music, ancient and modern; one of the tracks I liked was by the Portico Quartet called Knee Deep in the North Sea

On Wednesday Glen called in bringing a large Barra Brieth, Welsh spotted bread which is fruity and delicious; she was surprised at how large Salty is now. Mas received a present from Romy and Tobe which pleased and surprised him. I went for a short walk posting letters and delivering cards to neighbours.

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