Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hot meal and cold shopping

On Wednesday we drove off to St. Albans, and got our shopping from the market early as it was very cold. We were happy to meet up with Tania and Robert and drink some nice hot jasmin tea in our usual Thai restaurant and have lunch. Tania had bought us a holly wreath that she had made for us, which will be the first decoration we put up.

When we left the restaurant it had got even colder, all the traders were blue, and on the fish stall the fresh fish were frozen rigid and I knew how they felt! It was as we drove home. We had a beautiful drive home, the sky was translucent with the afterglow of the sunset, and there was an almost full moon in the sky.

We were glad to get indoors and have a hot cup of tea before we put our groceries away.

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