Saturday, 13 December 2008

Optimistic hospital visit and general cheerfulness

We got up fairly early today as I had to go to the hospital again. Mas gave me a lift to the station and I took the tube to Belsize Park. Once in the hospital I went to the general surgery clinic and saw a surgeon and we discussed my progress. It was decided that I should have various tests next year, and a follow up appointment in June. I will be monitored by my usual department in the meantime, and have contacts should any problems arise. I left feeling optimistic.

As it was a nice day I walked up through Hampstead, calling in at the Post Office on the way, and being generally pleased that I was alive and a lot of things seem right with the world. I went home and had a catnap with the cat.

On Saturday we went shopping and had lunch at The Man in the Moon where it was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday,but it was pouring with rain. Later I spoke to Diane who seemed rather cheerful, and later to Toby who was also cheerful.

We watched a very good Italian film, which we are hoping will be a new series, called Inspector Montalbano. It showed lots of interesting scenery, and the characters were very nice and unusual. This caused us to stay up much later than usual, but we still had to play Salty's special mouse game before we could go up to bed!

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