Friday, 13 June 2008

Taking care on Friday the 13th!

I woke in the night feeling shivery, took my temperature which was raised at 5.00am, but next morning it was normal again; I thought it was the new antibiotics. I phoned the hospital, and they told me to come to the Accident and Emergency department which I did.

I saw the same nice doctor I had seen on Tuesday, who did lots more tests and examined me again, and took more blood samples ( I began to feel like Tony Hancock in 'The Blood Donor, and imagined that lately I must have used up one armful of blood on tests ). The doctor told me that I could not have any surgery until he had confirmed my white blood cell count was not too low. As all my blood counts were good, he spoke to my caring dentist to tell him the position, and called the specialist as well, and that the dental care must be done straight away. This took a long time, but I left the hospital feeling very confident that I was really being looked after.

Got home again, and found the dental specialist had already called and made me an appointment for 9.00am Monday morning. We then relaxed and caught up with a few emails before having dinner and watching TV for a while.

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