Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Kind nurses and weird sensations

Today I went back to the hospital, had a blood test, saw the specialist and began the chemotherapy.

The nurses in this section of the hospital could not be better. They explained the procedures with full eye contact and went through the list of possible side effects, were attentive and helpful in every way; the whole atmosphere was very relaxing. I mentioned that my gum had become inflamed and was advised to go to the dentist immediately before my immunity decreased.

I was connected to a drip and the process began. Thankfully it was fairly uneventful except that my arm began to feel strange so a nurse bought a mini hot bottle which relieved the sensations a bit. With this particular drug you must keep warm, and in particular not drink anything cold. I forgot and took a sip of cool water and my mouth instantly felt as if it was full of pins and needles, this was relieved instantly by a sip of hot tea. After being given lots of instructions and follow up pills to take at home, and contact numbers to call I left and met Mas who was waiting for me downstairs. I felt a bit shaky but otherwise not too bad. On the way back Mas drove to the dentists and they gave me an appointment for the next day which was a relief.

We got home, and Mas made dinner and I found myself really hungry. My arm felt as if it had been rubbed all over with stinging nettles, but I had a hot water bottle to relieve it. I cannot touch anything cool or I get pins and needles in my hands, and I have to clean my teeth using hot water which is odd.

We watched some Frasiers and went to bed a bit early. I was glad to have made a beginning as it brings the finish of the treatment closer.

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