Thursday, 5 June 2008

Harmony with Classic FM and hopeful dental result

This morning Mas went downstairs to make the breakfast coffee as usual while I finished dressing. As soon as he goes downstairs he turns on the radio and listens to Classic FM to keep him company; if he does not care for a piece of music he tunes it out and just does not hear it, and it does not matter how loud or big the orchestra is that is playing the music.

I came downstairs feeling rather chipper as I had not had any drastic effects from the pills I had been taking, and proceeded to pour out the coffees. I handed Mas his coffee, and whistled a couple of bars from the music that was playing so loudly. The effect was immediate, he looked as shocked as if a cobra had risen up and bit him, and gave a visible shudder. I believe he has strange bat like hearing and some frequencies seem to shred his nerves as he claims that I whistle shrilly, and off key, which is obviously unjust. As he complains about me whistling I usually do it from a distance, but I forgot today; the look on his face made me laugh so much that he had to laugh as well.

We went off to the dentist again and I saw the hygienist who is a beautiful young girl. I realised as I had this strange phenomena of pins and needles in my mouth, and that my throat would close if she used cold water, so she scaled and polished my teeth by hand. She also said that if we were careful she thought we could save my tooth, and she proceeded to carefully inject antibiotics into the gum, and told me to use salt and special mouth rinses. She could not have taken more care, and I am very grateful for her help. I was especially thankful as I had begun to visualise myself with no hair, a front tooth missing and all I would need would be an eye patch to complete the picture!

When we got home and after lunch, Mas cut the lawns and the hedge which is a lot in one day, and I was sorry I was not able to share it as usual. I do find that I have to take a rest during the day now which is something I do not usually do.

Mas then went off to get some shopping and Pete and I talked on the phone for a long time and I caught up with some e-mails.

We watched a little TV in the evening, but we were both tired and went to bed early.

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