Sunday, 8 June 2008

Domesticity and danger

Another hot and sunny day. Mas began to clean all the stonework in the garden, and I took delight in the kitchen, and managed a gentle vacuuming with a small headed brush and very little suck which at least sucked up grass and leaves which had been walked indoors. I did a bit more pruning in the garden

Ben and Poppy called; they have moved house and are happy in their new place. Poor Ben recently fell off a ladder narrowly missing removing an eye in the process, and really frightening Poppy. He is now sporting a real shiner.

We had a peaceful day, and in my new domestic capacity I cooked dinner for a change. Later we sat in the garden admiring the flowers while sunset came, and small clouds were stained pink across an azure sky, swifts were feeding on the wing, and a large group of pigeons circled and turned above us; the sound of their flying was very attractive. It got darker, and leaves were silhouetted against the sky in a very tropical way. Gradually the west filled with a bright golden orange and we decided to go indoors. A perfect and memorable evening and we were content.

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