Sunday, 29 June 2008

Nausea and narcolepsy

Thursday, Friday and Saturday passed in an increasing blur of nausea and exhaustion. Pete phoned from Guernsey telling me where he had been, who he had seen, and what he had been doing while he was there, and made me feel I was there too.

On Saturday I phoned the hospital about the nausea which had become intolerable by now, and they asked me to come in on Sunday morning and they would give me a prescription and pills to help me. Mex phoned telling her news and initiating me into some of the mysteries of Tobe sent an email saying they were about to leave for their holiday in Argentina.

On Sunday morning all the tube lines were disrupted, so Mas drove me to the hospital. Luckily the roads were fairly clear of traffic. The doctor was very sympathetic and I soon left with the new medication. As advised I took ¼ of one of the pills; immediately I felt as if I had been poleaxed! I had to go straight to bed and spent most of the day asleep, and if I tried to watch television it was the same; I just slept through it! The nausea however disappeared.

Mas cut the lawns, and he said as he was emptying out the cut grass found a little mouse hidden in the dry grass at the bottom which startled him. It immediately ran under the hedge and away.

We went early to bed, and I slept as if anaesthetised all night, and woke with a sore throat so think I must have been snoring too!

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