Friday, 20 March 2009

Moulin Huet to Jerbourg before dinner with Betty

Dining room

After breakfast Pete and I walked to Saints Bay and then along the cliff paths to Jerbourg. We sat overlooking the Pea Stacks and Pete did a quick painting, and I a quick sketch. Wild flowers were everywhere including lots of daffodils, white and red Campions and wild garlic know locally as Stinking Onions.

Fermain Bay.

When we reached Jerboug we had a drink at a kiosk there, and walked back to the Old Mill past some friendly looking horses, and then I took the bus to town where I bought a Tshirt after walking up past Elizabeth College and Cambridge Park, then I bussed back to St. Martin's where I had a look at my favourite cottage. Many years ago when this house was for sale I looked inside, and it had no floor boards, just hardened earth. Now of course it has been completely modernised.

Later I went round to Betty's, talked to Mavis while she got ready, and played with the dogs. We walked to the Captain's which was busy, and Betty, Pete and I had a nice dinner together, and lots of chat.

After we walked home with Betty, we looked at the stars which were very clear, and at Pete's computer which showed a star map, and we could identify some of them!

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