Thursday, 5 March 2009

A 'normal' house with interesting music

The long walk I was going to do with Monika is actually taking place next Wednesday, so Mas and I went to Borehamwood to get another sack of cat food today which came with a free toy which has catnip in it. We went to our fish and chip cafe and had lunch. Our friend with the ferret said she had recently bought a better harness and extending lead as she takes Bute, the ferret, out for walks and now he has more freedom when walking with her.

Later I went for a walk, just to keep up the exercise, and we watched The Bill in the evening.

Today Mas had to go for physiotherapy for his arm again. I walked down to the doctors and changed my appointment day, then went into the library and borrowed CDs of Jacques Lousier and Jan Garbarek music. Then I went home, vacuumed and tidied up. Our home looks almost back to normal now. The crooked pictures, knocked over lamp, sooty footprints and cat toys have all been put to rights again.

We watched New Tricks in the evening, then I washed the dishes and had a brief but intense fight with the cat on the bed (Salty purring loudly throughout), before I started doing mending and listening to the radio. Listening to Late Junction, I heard Nigel Kennedy and the Kroke band playing Lullaby for Kamila.

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