Friday, 13 March 2009

The Affordable Art exhibition

I went to see my dentist who put in a temporary filling until I come back from my holiday.
Mas and I then went back to Edgware, had a sandwich and coffee at the small cafe near the station and then tubed it to Sloan Square where we followed our own tradition of having a glass of white wine in the downstairs bar of the Oriel which is one of our favourite places.

We were waiting for the shuttle bus and we noticed this thin building, and imagined that the room inside must have an end of about four feet wide, but when we moved the view changed.

The bus arrived, and we were taken into Battersea Park to the Affordable Art show.
The art on display was interesting, and some seemed very good. I had a chance to talk to Linda Blackstone who has been having a busy and eventful time with her family. She was wearing red like me, but I noticed how many people were dressed in sober black and white while looking at the art.

I rather liked these animal pictures, and thought a dog sculpture rather fun and clever as it was constructed using soft toys stitched together on a wooden frame.

I admired some ceramics by Clare Wakefield which looked very organic and some as if found on a beach, the vases had some movable parts.
We had a soft drink before coming back home on the tube. We were both feeling really tired after spending the whole day looking at art. We dragged ourselves into the car, only to find it would not start! After trying for a while I was about to give up the ghost, but Mas persisted, and it eventually started and we drove thankfully home.

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