Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Fiddley medical things and cat menace

I phoned the dentist and got an appointment, but my usual dentist was not in today. The dentist said that he would put in a filling, but I may need to have it crowned. In less than ten minutes it was done, but felt uncomfortable, but I paid for the work done. Mason's appointment at the hospital was cancelled today.
On Tuesday I went to the surgery for a blood test, got there in time, but forgot to take the form with me, so had to leave with all my blood! In the afternoon it began to rain which seemed very dreary. I noticed a strange thing...wherever I am, in the garden, walking about the house, going out to the shed, Salty's triangle face is always pointed at me, even if I only see him peripherally, you would think he had better things to do!

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