Monday, 23 March 2009

Family news and dinner at La Bella Luce

I arranged to meet Roy at lunch time, but went for a walk with Pete earlier. We went to the St. Martin's cemetery and paid our respects to relatives and friends, and noted where Sadie had been buried. It seems rather friendly that so many people who knew each other in life are buried together in the same garden.

I was to meet Roy at La Croix Guerrin cafe, skirting round the community centre, and looking through the window I saw a couple doing formal ballroom dancing in an otherwise empty room. Once at the Croix Guerrin I waited for half an hour amid the other people dining, and then had a tasty bowl of home made soup and hot bread before leaving, knowing that something unforeseen must have detained Roy.

I walked back to the hotel for Pete and we walked to the Old Post and walked down behind the church and eventually found ourselves on the Colburn Road, having passed a house that had this lovely flowering bush in the front garden.

Once we reached town we had a quick coffee at Les Pieds de la Reine. The market has been converted; the inside has a cafe in it, with shops around the edges. It seems such a shame that this historic building has changed so much, it used to be very colourful to see all the fruit, vegetables, fish and meat on display in earlier times.

I did a bit of shopping in town, then we went into a small cafe beside the bus terminus and had a baked potato each, while two ladies at a table near us were speaking patois, which is unusual these days. Afterwards we walked along the pier towards the castle, while looking at the boats in the harbour. We tried also tried to find Pete's poem on the bus without success, and eventually got the bus back to St.Martins.

Once back at La Barberie I found that Roy had left a message, so I called him and found he had been taken ill when we were supposed to meet so we had a chat and I spoke to Nora too. I called in to see Betty briefly to arrange to meet tomorrow.

Pete and I walked to the Bella Luce and had a drink at the bar before having a nice meal there. They have altered the bar and have called part of it Lucifer's bar quite inappropriately as it is done in fresh light colours. Many years ago there was a Lucifer's Bar, but it could only be entered from the outside and had a flooring of coloured glass squares providing the light, and booths to sit in and was very glamorous and exotic.

After we left the Bella Luce we walked off to Icart as it was a nice evening. Once at the point I showed Pete the spot where Toby and I had seen a wraith like ghost rising from the ground like a white flame; it was very weird at the time.

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