Saturday, 14 March 2009

Found friends and the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency

When I got up this morning I looked out of the window and saw Salty running dutifully along fence tops after a squirrel, into the middle distance. After breakfast I headed off to Edgware, took back my music CDs to the library and walked home by a circuitous route. Later, looking at my emails, I discovered that a long lost friend, (one of the good guys,) had tracked us down through my website, so he and Mas spent time catching up with each others' news which was the high point of the day.

In the evening we watched the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency that was shown once before, and this series will continue tomorrow. The stories were written by Alexander McCall Smith and are the antithesis of most detective stories as they have a very strong feel good factor and are very entertaining too. After that we watched a good episode of Frost, before taking ourselves off to bed.

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