Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Travelling hedgehogs and other friends

Years ago Mas bought me some Valentine chocolates and two toy hedgehogs cuddling; this is now Salty's favourite toy. When we woke up I drew the bedroom curtains and saw the hedgehogs sitting on the lawn, moments later Salty ran out of the bushes, collected them, and bought them indoors, placing them near his bowl. Salty carries these around the house in his mouth, but obviously he takes them out to play during the night as well.

Marion phoned and Mas and I talked to her for a long time; we are hoping to get together soon, but just now she is feeling ill with a bug. Margaret called round too, bringing some photos that she took during her special lunch, and had some tea. Someone else called round to talk to Mas, and Pete phoned as well. He is going to Guernsey, and I am going as well, but not for as long as he is, but he is making the arrangements for it.

In the evening we saw The Witches of Eastwick as once again there was nothing interesting to watch on TV.

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