Friday, 27 March 2009

Painless and painful injections

Thursday. I got up early, and after we had breakfast I took the tube to Euston, and walked to the Hale clinic. The nice doctor who I see, showed me how to do an injection into my abdomen, and then I had to do one to make sure I had got it right. I was so surprised as it did not hurt at all, although it is a bit tricky breaking open the ampule and filling the hypodermic without contaminating the needle.

Later in the afternoon I phoned Tania and Robert; they had taken Mas out for a meal while I was away which was good of them.

On Friday Mas took me to the dentist where I had my tooth prepared for a crown after a painful injection, and impressions were taken. We then went to The Man in the Moon for lunch. Florence phoned and chatted, and Toby did as well.

In the evening we watched one of the old X Files and NCIS before going to bed.

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