Thursday, 12 March 2009

Red nose and black cloths

Today we did our usual things. I went for a walk, and as I was going down the road an elegant lady stepped out of her house wearing an enormous pair of silver rabbit ears which were somewhat at odds with the rest of her outfit. Walking round the corner I saw a lady pirate striding along. Things whirred and clicked in my brain and eventually I came up with the idea that they were doing something funny for Red Nose Day, to collect for charity.

Mas, in the meantime had got ready to go down to London to meet someone in connection with his web site. Taking the opportunity I vacuumed the house and set things to rights (it is odd how often this needs to be done!)

I spoke to Diane who is going ahead with her Red Nose escapade tomorrow, but has to have a meeting with the Health and Safety people first. I also managed to do some mending and put fresh elastic into various essential items of clothing in between hectic play and fight sessions with Salty.

Mas returned rather late and tired having lost his way at one point. When he eventually arrived the doorman asked if he had come for The Wake, and Mas thought he was in the wrong place again, and he was too tired to understand the humour then ( Mas was dressed from head to foot in black), but we were laughing about it in bed that night. It is odd how often we end the day laughing.

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