Thursday, 19 March 2009

Walking and talking and chats with the cat

After breakfast Pete and I went to town where we got a little shopping, then walked through streets that we usually do not just for a change.

We walked down Burnt Lane and went into the church, Notre Dame du Rosiare, which was filled with the sounds of children playing from the school next door. This is a lovely church with rather modern stained glass windows, a granite altar, and a vaulted ceiling shaped like an upturned ship in warm coloured wood.We had some bean jar for lunch at Les Poids de la Reine before catching the bus back to St. Martins.

We then went for a cliff walk as the weather was so beautiful, and Pete pointed out a bench overlooking the sea that had been placed there in memory of my aunt.

Back at La Barbarie Hotel I was called to the small Reception to answer the phone; it was Mas on the line, and he wanted me to speak to the cat, who I could hear meowing in the background. I did speak to the cat, despite the startled and wary looks from other guests who were passing.

Later Pete and I collected Betty, who I had visited earlier, and we went off to the Captain's for chats and a drink.

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