Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Leaving Guernsey and arriving home

Pete and I had a last breakfast together before the taxi arrived to take me to the airport. I hardly had time to wave goodbye before the taxi driver quizzed me about what I might have left behind; we had to go through an inventory.

The flight home was very quick. All the passengers left the plane in a group, and as a group we lost our way and eventually came to an emergency exit. The leading man, without a second thought broke the emergency alarm to open the door, and he sped through, ignoring the alarm bell. The rest of us waited like lost sheep until we were escorted into the airport.

Eventually I bought a train ticket to Mill Hill Broadway, which mysteriously was more expensive than the one I had bought to take me to the airport; I was assured that this was correct! Mas met me at Mill Hill as planned, and we went home. Salty was coolly pleased to see me, and after a few welcoming bites nonchalantly strolled off into the garden. Mas and I snuck off to have a pub lunch together.

Pete called in the evening to see if I had got home safely.

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