Thursday, 26 November 2009

Injection, 'restraint' and a sausage

Mas went to the surgery and had his swine flu injection, and went off to meet a friend at lunch time. I walked off to Edgware and got some shopping. Later I did some more painting, on my 'restrained ' picture, and later fearing I may go mad and add some bright colour declared it 'finished' to myself.

Later, showing it to Mas, he thought it was good...not that he is prejudiced in my favour in any way! Luckily he seems to be having no ill effects from his injection today.

Today we went to Borehamwood to get shopping and cat food. While there, we bumped into Marion who is keeping busy as usual. We went to The Golden Plaice and had a fish and chip dinner which we enjoyed, and were also given a sausage for the cat!

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