Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dreary weather and a Cool Cat

On Sunday I seemed to spend the whole day washing up and cleaning the kitchen. This being partly due to a soup disaster. I put a container of soup onto the blender, which unluckily was turned on by mistake, and before I could put the lid on had plastered the walls, ceilings, curtains, floor and me with tasty thick soup!

We had one loud clap of thunder which caused us to unplug the computers, phone line and TV, but after a cup of tea all had quietened down again.

On Monday I did lots of necessary chores like sorting the house insurance out for the next year, and I cancelled my appointment for the swine flu injection after thinking about it for a great deal, and on advice from Christian. To take a break in the afternoon we watched Angela Landsbury in Murder She Wrote, but I don't really like these as all the people seem so completely unreal.

Tuesday, and the weather is still dreary with lots of rain. I sent some emails, and continued trying to paint my 'restrained colours' picture. Salty is bored as it is raining so much, and keeps meowing at me so that I will play with him all the time; I am beginning to think I will have to go out into the rain to get some peace and quiet.
Joan sent this picture of Lucky Jim, who is looking handsome and healthy, sitting on moss that looks nice enough to eat.

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