Monday, 7 April 2008

Surprises and scans

On Monday morning the postman bought a surprise parcel from Romy and Toby which contained all kinds of pampering goodies, skin creams, chocolates and lots of special Yogi herbal teas. What a nice way to start the week!

I also received an order for eleven different prints of some of my paintings; the largest order I have had so far!

In the afternoon I went back to the hospital for a scan. The other ladies in the waiting room were all looking nervous and depressed, and some drinking orange liquid. My litre of orange drink was given to me; I asked the lady next to me what it was like, and she said it was OK. I began to drink mine and was surprised when it tasted like orange squash. The lady I had spoken to asked me what I thought of it, and when I replied I would rather have a G&T everyone laughed and agreed, and became more relaxed. I left the hospital feeling weirdly cheerful.

Mas had spent the day trying to change a mortise lock, but none of them seemed to fit properly, and what he had thought would be an easy job was not.

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