Friday, 11 April 2008

Royal Free hospital visit and relief

Mas and I went to the hospital in the morning, waited a short time, then saw the consultant. The news was good, however I will still need an operation soon.

We left the hospital, and went across the road to a cafe bar called Icons where we had a light lunch. This place has only been opened for two weeks. The first time Mas invited me out to dinner, this is the place we came to. It was called Bunny's at that time, and the restaurant was in the cellar; a candlelit place with classical music. Their speciality was a dessert called Refrigerator Cake, and I always wanted the recipe for this. Mas asked about the cook, thinking as he was so good he must be French, but in fact he came from Liverpool.

After lunch I returned to the hospital for pre admittance procedures, with blood tests, heart assessment and various health history questionnaires to go through. Everyone was very helpful and kind.

When finished with this I went back to Icons where Mas had been waiting for me, and we had a glass of wine to celebrate before going home.

Once home we had a quick nap, then Jana called from Czech, and Monika, then I set about telling people the good news. Afterwards Mas and I had an early night as we both felt exhausted by relief.

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