Saturday, 1 March 2008

On FORM with Christiane and busing home.

As planned I met Christiane at Hendon and we travelled by tube to Olympia and went to the FORM: London exhibition. There were lots of interesting things displayed : ceramics, pottery, furniture, jewellery, sculpture, beautiful and striking felt carpets, and all kinds of art. We stopped midway and had a coffee and mini biscuits, then continued looking. I think we saw everything!

Before we left we shared a pizza at the Pizza Express then decided to go home by bus. We took the 27 bus and took the scenic route to Chalk Farm, but instead of the bus stopping at the station it stopped by a large supermarket. We asked the directions from a friendly man, and soon we zipped home on the tube. That was an interesting and fun day out!
Toby phoned in the evening to let us know he would be arriving from Canada very soon which is exciting!

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