Saturday, 8 March 2008

Toby in the UK and local goings on

Yesterday just as I was going to email Toby and wish him a nice journey he phoned to say he had already arrived, and was on his way to Wales to see Danny. I managed to plant pansies in the front and back window boxes, the weather was so sunny I felt like setting to and tidying the whole garden, but did not, and did a bit more spring cleaning instead. Mas and I sat and watched New Tricks on TV which was quite funny.

Today after writing a letter and clearing up I walked to the library. I was astonished to find a small group of grown men having a tantrum as the library was closed, and will not reopen for a week. While I was reading the notice about the closure another elderly man arrived, and the decibels increased, the air became blue. I beat a hasty retreat before they began rioting!

As I was walking home the local church had a notice outside inviting people to come in. The church is called St. Margaret of Antioch, but is referred to as St. Margaret's. The church tower was built between 1370 and1375, and is made of rag stone, and under the present church there are foundations of a smaller church which may date back earlier than the tower. Possibly the longer name refers to when the church must have been Roman Catholic, but changed to Church of England after the reformation. The rest of the church is brick and has been altered and added to over the years. (Oddly opposite St. Margaret's church there is a pub called The Mason's Arms.)

I came across a blog, the Edgware Neighbourhood Watch blog, and is written by the skipper (a police Sergeant), part of the Safer Neighbourhood team which is useful and friendly. This team hold a surgery in the local shopping mall once a week.

The weather is grey and depressing, so I made some soup and small cakes as comfort food before we settle down to watch an old cowboy film. (At least it is easy to tell who the good and bad guys are!)

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