Friday, 14 March 2008

Lunch at the Fishery and Toby's final evening

We had a late breakfast, Toby feeling rather fragile. At lunch time we went to The Fisheries for a light meal which we enjoyed, and were served by a charming smiley waitress. (It is so nice to see people smile!)

We relaxed at home for most of the day, and Mas made a nice evening meal which we ate by candlelight. Inadvertently I dropped a pea on the table and it rolled at some speed towards Mas, who seeing it peripherally sprang into the air and was ready for the attack. This reflexive action caused Toby and I to jump too, and then we laughed a lot at the idea of the killer pea!
Toby carefully drank shandies when out with his friends on his final evening, having already packed his case for an early start tomorrow. Pete phoned and chatted for a while.

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