Friday, 7 March 2008

Unexpected illness and anxious driving

On Wednesday we went to St. Albans as usual, to get shopping, and meet up with Tania and Robert. We had lunch at the Bhua Thai restaurant and talked. Robert has been unexpectedly very ill and in hospital recently, but is looking and feeling much better now, so we had a lot to talk about before going back home again.

Yesterday we took four more pictures to Linda Blackstone's house in deepest Hertfordshire. I have become very nervous of driving, and if Mas is driving I feel the same, except on our usual driving routes. Anyone else could drive and I would have no fear at all, which is very unreasonable. We managed to deliver the paintings to her and get back to Stanmore, with me white knuckling it all the way. I had to have two restorative alcoholic drinks to get over the stress, despite it only being midday. We went shopping afterwards, and I walked past two friends without seeing them until they called me. We returned home, me feeling sheepish, and I spent the rest of the day trying to tidy up my studio.

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