Thursday, 13 December 2007

Insects, miradouro and levadas

The next day we had breakfast in the apartment, and thought we would have a relaxed day, so we looked at our emails, did laundry and generally pottered about. I took more pictures of lizards and insects for fun, and some flowers.

After dark we could hear crickets all the time.

One of the usual stray, friendly, dogs.

At lunchtime we went to the Miradouro Cruz da Caldeira restaurant and had a light lunch. Miradouro means a beautiful view, and it certainly had one. The parking area is beside the road, actually on the roof, and the restaurant is on a lower floor, built out on the side of the mountain.

Tania and Robert walked back along a levada. The levadas are an irrigation system that carry water from the north of the island, through woods, forests and beside the terraced market gardens. They are rather like small canals with narrow footpaths beside them, for maintainance purposes, and were constructed 500 years ago. They also provide wonderful walks away from traffic.

Later we had dinner at the clubhouse restaurant where live music was provided, and we had fun chatting to some of the other guests during the evening.

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