Wednesday, 5 December 2007

How to murder your husband.

Breakfast at our house is usually a strange affair. While we have been getting up, bathing and dressing Mas usually does not see me, if he does, he stares at me blankly and without recognition; he cannot respond to a greeting of any kind. On automatic pilot he goes downstairs and makes the coffee.

When we are seated at the table, and after a few sips of coffee, all the vital signs return and Mas wakes up and, immediately, is ready to share his opinion about anything and everything with me. This often takes quite a time.

This morning while Mas was eating muesli I mentioned that yesterday I had received an e-mail written so quickly, and in such an abbreviated way that it was hard to understand, I told him the first line, and with a mouth full he burst out laughing. When he had recovered somewhat I told him the next part of the e-mail, which also caught him chewing muesli, but this time he laughed until he almost choked, and when he got over it he repeated what I had said, and began to laugh again until he was breathless and had tears in his eyes. In order to protect the innocent I cannot print the e-mail.

Mas said, after this, that it is too dangerous to eat at breakfast, and he will wait till later in the day, and eat alone. It occurred to me that this would make the perfect murder, and be an unusual method of killing for a detective story, and we started laughing again……..!

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