Thursday, 9 July 2009

A walk on the wild side with Margaret, John and Henry

Today Toby went off quite early to go to see Danny in Wales. Later I went round to John and Margaret's as I had been invited to walk with them, and the dog Henry. We set off first to feed their daughters family pets, two nice guinea pigs. The house was a beautiful 1930s Art Deco house, and had been carefully kept that way.

That done, we set off to some woods I had never been to before, somewhere between Aldenham and Radlett. We parked near the John the Baptist Church in a traditional village green, with an old farm that has been converted, and some farm cottages. This church has been in continuous use for 750 years. Sadly my camera batteries were down. We walked through woods that surrounded a golf course. Some of the trees that had needed to be cut down were taken down leaving tall stumps which had been carved into different animals and birds.

John pointed out a mulberry tree with green fruit on it, something I had not seen before. There were lots of hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts too, but I am sure when they are ripe the squirrels will take them first. John did say he would collect me for blackberrying later. While we were talking and walking John was collecting golf balls from hedges and thickets, I believe he found about 7, and he later gave them to some golfers, some of the balls were marked, and we left them trying to work out who they belonged to.

When we came home Margaret and John persuaded me to have a cup of tea and biscuits in the garden. They have recently had cavity wall insulation done, and they gave me the name of the firm that would do this.
In the evening Mas and I watched The X Files, The Bill and the Mentalist, and I almost had to be carried up to bed after this.

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