Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lunch at Burgh House and National Gallery exhibition

Today, after a leisurely breakfast, Toby and I went to Hampstead to meet up with Diane. She called us, and we met walking towards each other. We decided to go to Burgh House for a light lunch before going on to The National Gallery.

Burgh House has a museum and a gallery, and hosts various interesting events and has a nice cafe. We ate in the garden, and had some white wine too, but it began to rain so we were sitting under table umbrellas.

After lunch we took the tube down to Leicester Square, and walked to Trafalgar Square. There was a crowd on one corner because a plinth had been erected, (Anthony Gormley's idea) so that different people could perform for an hour each.

We went in to look at the exhibition 'Corot to Monet', it was very crowded. I really liked one small landscape of a late afternoon sky, with a dark foreground. I am convinced that if this painting was put into a dim room the glowing sky would provide as much light as a 60 watt bulb. Sadly I can't remember the artist's name.

Diane began to feel very tired, so left us to it. We looked for a while longer, then thought we would walk around Soho and Covent Garden for a while. Once outside it began to rain again, so we looked in some of the bookshops in Charring Cross Road before going home. Luckily the train beat the rain, and we made it home before the rains came.

After a nice dinner Toby and Mas fed their addiction again.

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