Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Son of Paleface and the dark intruder

Yesterday both of us were still under the weather, but Mas took the car down to the garage for a further checking over. In the afternoon we watched an old movie, Bob Hope in Son of Paleface. It was nice to see him again, but I seem to remember that it was much funnier than I thought it now. Of course Paleface was the funniest one.
We went to bed at a reasonable hour as the insulation people are expected at 8.00am tomorrow.

Today we got up and managed to have our coffee and breakfast before they arrived. Once with us they efficiently and thoroughly did their work, but accidentally broke one of the large panels in the conservatory roof. This will be dealt with by the company in due course. It was a noisy business having all the drilling done, and took about three hours. Salty was showing the whites of his eyes.

Later I found I had a nice email from Betty, and we watched a new Midsomer Murders with John Nettles, then tottered off to bed feeling exhausted. At this time I think I could cough for the Olympics.
Lying awake between bouts of coughing I heard the cat come up the stairs, then I thought it strange as it was not making the usual meeping noises. I jumped out of bed and saw a dark cat on the landing, both of us jumped, then the cat shot off downstairs and left the house, all I could see were white paws moving at speed. I have seen Salty hanging around with a tabby with a white nose and wondered if it was the same cat.

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