Friday, 24 July 2009

Cat burgled!

Mas spent most of the day on his computer, and I washed all the dusty curtains in the conservatory, re potted a houseplant, and began to make some cushion covers for the dining room.

I spoke to Alex about his recent tests, and it seems that he is alright, but has to wait for the following appointment to be told officially that all is well. I had an email from Diane who is on holiday soon.

We have lots of these hollyhocks in the garden which range from maroon to almost black. I don't like them, and am planning to put in some more cheerful colours with them next year.

During the night I spent a lot of time coughing, and at one point was disturbed by a cat galloping about in my attic studio. I went up to see if it was the dark cat, and it was. He is a pretty tabby with white paws and a white nose. He looked at me confrontationally, so I went downstairs to see if he had eaten all the cat food, but he ran past me and pushed open the door and escaped. No sign of Salty, but the food was all gone!
Today my cough seemed a bit better, although Mas is still coughing a lot. I managed to fix the jammed CD drawer on my computer, and finished the cushion covers I was making, during a thunderstorm.
We watched NCIS, and then I began sorting out my music CDs that Toby had given me, and played with the cat. He prefers classical music, especially violin solos.

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