Monday, 6 July 2009

Visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

Toby, Mas and I went down to Edgware and did a few chores. After a quick coffee, Mas went home to work, and Toby and I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

We looked at sections showing Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean artifacts and all were stunning. I loved some of the miniature, intricately, carved boxes that were carried on sashes as the clothes had no pockets for wallets or purses in the traditional Japanese costume. I was surprised at how beautiful the Korean written language is, and the simplicity of some of their ceramics. It was also interesting to find out that when tobacco reached Japan they knew it was bad for people, but people smoked anyway, but with very long pipes which would only hold enough tobacco for only one or two puffs.

Japanese armour, rather a blurry picture though.

After a while Toby and I went out into the courtyard and had a snack which was delicious. The weather was still very humid with odd heavy showers between the sunny periods. When we left the museum we walked past Harrods to Hyde Park to take the tube. There seemed to be delays with trains stuck in the tunnels, so we decided to go home on the Jubilee line to Stanmore.

Later I heard that there had been flash flooding and several of the tube stations were closed, including Hyde Park.

We all had dinner at home, then Toby went to Hampstead to meet a friend. Diane phoned and chatted, then Mas and I relaxed watching TV.


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