Saturday, 25 July 2009

Good company and cat sleepover

Today we went up to St. Albans and got our shopping before going round to Tania and Robert's house for a leisurely and tasty lunch. Tania showed me what is growing in her garden, and we all chatted for a while before Robert and Tania took us off to see where Butterfly World is being made, it will be the worlds largest collection of butterflies. The drive to the site is through a meadow of wild flowers, we got out of the car to admire them. There is a mixture of varieties and colours that is absolutely stunning.

We drove back to their house and then Mas and I dragged ourselves away and drove home feeling rather tired. We unloaded all the fruit and vegetables.
Poppy called in to see whether we had the Swine flu, because she would give us medication if needed, but after answering a few questions it was clear we have a different bug. We talked for a while, and as Poppy left she said if we did not want Salty she would have him.

During the night Salty jumped onto the bed, bringing his hedgehogs with him, and lay on my feet. I eased him off as he is quite heavy now, and he spent the night sleeping on the bed instead of playing outside in the garden. I think he must have understood what Poppy said!

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