Saturday, 11 July 2009

Epic poems and night strategems.

Mas and I had a day catching up with gardening, doing lawns and hedges, and the weeding. Diane phoned and chatted for a while, she has a bug and is not feeling well.

In the evening I left Mas to another evening of mayhem and violence, and listened to a play on the radio. It was an adaption, by Michael Symmons, of Tennyson's epic poems about King Arthur called 'Idylls of the King' which was a riveting two hour performance; it was wonderful to listen to something where the language was so beautiful.

Today Mas and I set off for St. Albans and met Tania and Robert at the Bua Thai restaurant and had lunch. Mas and Robert got talking so much, that Tania suggested they go for a coffee together, and we went to look at the French Market which was there today. We did not see anything unusual, and the prices seemed very high.

In the evening I cut my hair, and we watched an NCIS, and I played with Salty as he had been in most of the day and it was raining all evening. During the night, when he is usually out, it was raining, so he kept trying to make me play all night, and even bought the hedgehogs up and put them on the bed, plaintively miaowing, and also a small teddy bear. Getting little response, he would occasionally pounce on me wrestling and biting in brief but bitter forays.

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Peter said...

That bad cat has no reason to be bitter.