Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Uneventful times

On Monday I spoke to Pete, and phoned Robert. Mas and I did our usual things, watched a 'Monk' in the afternoon for a break, and a 'Wallender' during the evening.

On Tuesday I walked down to Edgware to drop off a request for a prescription for Mas, and then persuaded the dispenser at Boots to give me some of the pills in advance for Mas. I got some shopping, and came back on the bus. Later Mas went to the doctors as his prescription was ready, and was surprised to see Heather, who we met at Marion's party, is now working as a receptionist there.

On Wednesday I walked to Edgware again, and got a refund in the prescription, and got some shopping. The surveyor from the glass company was supposed to come round and measure up for our broken conservatory roof panel, but he did not come!
We watched a Pie in the Sky in the evening, and had a candlelit dinner, listening to one of Toby's relaxing jazz CDs, and relaxed. We seem to be feeling better now.

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