Friday, 3 July 2009

Skullduggery in a Hawksmore church and celebration with friends

This morning Toby and I took the tube to Euston and we walked to Bloomsbury, looking at his old haunts when he was a student here. We stopped at an interesting Italian cafe and had a sandwhich, before wandering into St.Georges church.

This church was the last one that Nicholas Hawksmore designed. It is an 'auditory' church, and while we were looking around there was a musical rehearsal taking place out of sight. The church was consecrated in 1730 by the Bishop of London. Susequently there were many alterations made to the church including a drastic reorientation, and the purity of the design was lost.

Recently the church had been restored to the original design. There were approximately 900 people buried under the church in the Undercroft, they were carefully disinterred and reburied elsewhere. This area is presently being used as a museum.When we came out, Toby went to the British Museum briefly, and I hurried home to help Mas.

We were expecting Tania and Robert (who had recently had a birthday), and Poppy and Ben who have recently returned from Guernsey for dinner, together with Toby. I scurried around tidying things and setting the table before our guests arrived, and Mas put the finishing touches to the food.

Tania and Robert bought some champagne, and Mas made a really nice dinner, and everyone was busy chatting at the table. Poppy, talking to Tania and me began to recount a very spooky real happening that she and a colleague had experienced at work, and when she told us how the customer had disappeared into thin air, Tania let out a shriek, and said "Oh no", which seemed very funny at the time, and got everyones' attention. This was a very nice evening.

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