Thursday, 30 July 2009

Lunch out, and surprise visit.

Mas and I are feeling better today. Ben called round this morning to say that as there is an atrocious weather forecast for Saturday they have decided to postpone their BBQ.
Mas and I drove off to Stanmore to get shopping, mostly cat food, and then had lunch in the Man in the Moon.

We drove home, unloaded the car, and Mas went off to get more from Burnt Oak. Monika phoned, and said that they were close by, and could they visit. It was really nice to see Monika and Oktay, and Milan and baby Talu. Monika had done well with her exams recently, which is an achievement with two little children.
Milan conversationally told me he can speak three languages, which is true; Czech, Turkish and English, and he has not started primary school yet. They have recently come back from Turkey and will soon go on holiday to Czech for a few weeks. I wish Mas and I could find out where the children get all their energy from so we could get some too!

When we went to bed salty hid behind the bathroom door, and when I looked later he was waiting at the top of the stairs. Before I had gone to sleep I heard the other cat come up the stairs, and they both ran out of the house. I am not quite sure whether the tabby cat is stalking Salty, or whether they are friends.

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