Monday, 20 July 2009

Dodgy health and watchable TV!

Yesterday I woke feeling much better, and so Mas and I did some gardening and I cleaned and tidied a kitchen cupboard. For the rest of the day I did some reading and felt tired, and in the evening we watched Heartbeat.

Today we went to Borehamwood and got some more Frontline spot on for the cat and some shopping. Once home again Salty was leaping about in the conservatory recklessly, and I saw he was after a lovely Damsel fly, with a bright blue dot on it's tail, which had flown to the top of a window. I managed to get the damsel fly to walk onto my hand, at which point Salty burst out purring thinking I had caught it for him! Luckily the fly flew off into the garden and escaped.

Mas is beginning to get a sore throat, and I am at the coughing stage now. We watched another insane episode of the X Files, and after diner saw 'Wallender' which is an excellent Swedish series about a logical detective with interesting story lines.

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