Sunday, 1 February 2009

Foxy cold weather

Saturday and Sunday were bitterly cold, but Mas still went into the garden sawing up bits of trees, and I went for a walk one of the days. Mas was watching Battlestar Gallactica and some Dead or Alives when resting and getting warm again.

I did some knitting (when Salty was asleep) and made some banana bread. Salty now likes this as much as rock cakes. We had been having a few snow showers, but during the evening the snow began in ernest. Looking out of the window at about 3.30am everything was white and bright, and I saw a fox streak across Glen's garden, get onto the fence and run quickly along the top of it. I did not mention this to Mas as he is worried that a fox may attack Salty when he is in the garden.

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